Do you have high capacity requirements that demand volume, speed and ease of use? Wet Technologies engineers automated wet blasting equipment that satisfies these needs, as well. Innovations such as dual load doors and power drives enable one part to be processed while others are loaded and unloaded. Allow us to consult with your team on how we can further customize to accelerate your production.
Efficiency Through Automation
Surface Matics, LLC.
Industrial Filtration
Parts Cleaning/Finishing


We Accept:
Multiple Precision-Angled, Oscillating Spray 
Turntable provides 360° Wet Blasting
Action. Tumbler shown in Swing Door
in Foreground
           Dedicated Rinse Stations
Custom Rotary System with Media 
Density Gauge Maintenance Door, In-
Line Filters, HEPA Exhaust Filter
In-Line Design Reduces Steps and 
Increases Efficiency