The following are just some of the standard systems and configurations that are available today from Wet Technologies. These models are reliably serving the diverse needs of numerous industries and environments across the country. Each solution can be delivered and operate as is or can be customized to meet your specific operation’s production and installation needs.

Some Available Options:

        Load Ends

        Turntables Covered with Lintex Mat

Surface Matics, LLC.
Industrial Filtration
Parts Cleaning/Finishing


We Accept:
Setting New Standards in System Performance
36" x 36" Interior Roration Molded with 
Swing Door
60" x 60" Interior Stainless Steel with
Vertical Door, Oval Glove Ports and
46" Turntable
WT60SS with Load End 60" x 60" 
Interior Stainless Steel Fully Customized
Media Density Gauge

Superator for Oil Removal

Immersion Heat

Glove Ports 
Maintenance Doors

HC Demister Blower